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Air travels are always memorable. Some people board the plane for the first time; for such people there first air experience will matter for the rest of their lives. So, it becomes necessary to board the plane with top facilities. Many people don’t know which class tickets they need to book to get the utmost comfort. There are many options available for the travellers, but one must make the bookings with the airlines with a well-established name in this industry. Talking about the airlines with the renowned name in the industry is Delta airlines. To get the best amenities and experience of air travels, make bookings for first class delta airlines.

Everyone nowadays looks for comfort. First class delta airlines provide people with ease, which one cannot compare with other classes. From providing the best entertainment options to the best food and beverage, everything is on the table. With First class delta airlines, the customer starts receiving the benefits even before they board the plane. There are endless reasons why people want to make bookings for the first class of delta airlines. Whenever people choose air as the mode of travel there first choice is first class.

About Delta Airlines-

Delta airline is an American airline. Delta airlines cover not only national but international destinations too. The total number of destinations covered by this prominent airline is 325. The number of international destinations is 52 and on the contrary number of domestic destinations are 242. The name of the hub airport of this airline is John F Kennedy international airport. This airline’s headquarters is in AtlantaGeorgia, U.S. Fleet size of the aircraft is 763. Delta airline is known for providing the best facilities to all its flyers. People choose any specific airline based on the comfort and amenities offered by them. This airline is known for carrying over 200 million flyers in a year.

Amenities received when you book with first class delta airlines-

All the passengers look for services and facilities offered by the airlines they are travelling with. When an individual makes a booking for first class united airlines, they should get served with the best of everything. From the inflight entertainment options to personalized services, all are provided to the flyers. Here are some of the amenities which makes air travel much more relaxing and comfortable-

  • Priority services

People travelling with delta airlines get sky priority services. Check-in is one of the most prolonged processes when an individual decides to fly. This is the chief service provided to people who make bookings for first class. The process of check-in is enhanced and is quicker. Baggage and security handling is done at a much faster pace. People who made the reservations for first class delta airlines get to settle first.

  • Plentiful space 

People are given enough legroom so that the journey remains relaxing. This is one of the issues people face while travelling as not all classes have enough legroom, which makes the journey very difficult.

  • Productivity

Flyers remain productive even during the flying hours as there is a good WIFI connection. Due to the WIFI connection, people can continue to work, which does not hamper their productivity. This is yet another benefit of making bookings with first class delta airlines.

  • Baggage facilities

When you fly with first class delta airlines, there are baggage facilities given to you. People travelling in other classes face a lot of baggage issues. Along with getting two free checked bags, people travelling in first class gets their bags delivered faster.

Know all about food and beverages-

The trip becomes more exciting with tasty food and beverages. For the flyers of first class delta airlines, there are many options from which people can choose what they want to drink or eat. At present, the options are kept simple due to the covid 19 situation. This is done to reduce physical touch. People are allowed to bring their food and some non-alcoholic drinks too. The division of drinks and food is made according to the miles covered by the aircraft.

For the aircraft covering miles up to 350, they will enjoy a snack selection. At present, the flyers cannot pre-select the meal and the services for a special meal is also suspended. For the flights covering miles from 900 to 1500, they are eligible to receive flight fuel boxes along with the snacks. This is similar to the flights that cover over 1500 miles. One thing which is typical for all three is that flyers are eligible for wine and beer services.

Facilities received at the airport

The importance of airport facilities has increased a lot more due to covid19. One must know about the services that they will receive at the airport. The whole delta airlines team is working harder to provide the best facilities to all the flyers. Here are some of the services offered to customers at the airport-

  • Sanitizing stations

To reduce the spread of the deadly virus, many sanitizing stations are there at the airport to sanitize whenever they wish to.

  • No contact boarding

To minimize physical contact, flyers can use the fly delta application to scan their boarding pass. Using this app will help in reducing physical touch. To control this deadly virus, we have to cut down the physical contact as much as possible. All this is done to ensure the safety of people travelling in first class delta airlines.

  • Temperature checking

When you choose to fly in first class delta airlines, it is essential to get your temperature checked. There are checkpoints made for temperature screening. Temperature is checked as this is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. An individual who will deny this will not be allowed to board the plane.

  • Care kits provided

Keeping in mind travellers’ safety, people who travel in first class delta airlines are given the care kits. These care kits have masks and face covers. These care kits are kept near the gate, and one can pick these up from there itself.


  1. What to do if my baggage is delayed?

If your baggage is delayed, get in touch with one of our travel representatives. The travel representative will provide you with the reference number. One has to use this number to enquire about their baggage.

2) If I buy an economy ticket, can I upgrade to first class later?

No, it is not possible to upgrade the ticket to first class.

3) What is the cancellation policy for the covid times?

If an individual cancels the bookings, they are eligible to get the delta travel voucher.

4) Which all forms of payment are accepted?

All the credit cards are accepted when the online payment is made. Cards that one can use are Express, visa, master card, American express. Apart from cards, people can use delta gift cards or delta vacations cards.

5) How can I make the group reservations?

To make the group reservations, one needs to contact the group sales specialist. They will help you in customizing the group travel for 20 people.

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