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Flights From New York to Hong Kong

Experience fun air travel by catching Flights From New York to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Each individual has their purpose of visiting this place. Some visit it for refreshing themselves and spending time with their friends and family. On the other hand, some visit it for their office works and business purposes. One of the places from where an enormous amount of people come to Hong Kong is New York.

Hong Kong is a place for all. Passengers make reservations for Flights From New York to Hong Kong and come to this fantastic place for completing their purpose. This route makes it easy for people to enjoy and relax for some days. Even If an individual is there for some work purpose, they can still spare some time and enjoy.

Information of Flights From New York to Hong Kong

Due to increasing reservations made for flights from New York to Hong Kong, more and more airlines are providing flights for this route. Some most prominent and dependable airlines make this route much more accessible and comfortable. Some of those airlines are Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Hong Kong Airlines, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, HK Express, Japan Airlines, Finnair and Qantas. About 21 flights fly for this route in a week. The number of flights that fly per day from New York to Hong Kong is 3.

Routes and flights Information of New York to Hong Kong-

  • Origin Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Destination Airport: Hong Kong International Airport
  • Travel duration: 15 hours 35 minutes
  • Total Distance: 8045 miles
  • Most used airlines: Cathay pacific
  • Cheapest time to Fly: February
  • Time gap: Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of New York

Best time to make the bookings for this route-

  • The most affordable and economical month to make bookings for flights from New York to Hong Kong is February. If passengers make bookings for this season, they have to pay 19% less than other months.
  • Do not make reservations for December. Not only the destination becomes overcrowded, but it also becomes more expensive.
  • Try and go ahead to book flights with morning departures. Evening departures are much more expensive.
  • If possible, make the reservations for Flights From New York to Hong Kong 65 days before your departure date. It will help the passenger save a good amount of money.

About New York –

New York is the most fun city. There is not a single thing or activity which an individual cannot enjoy. From museums to high-end shopping streets. New York has it all. This place has the title of the “centre of the universe”. New York is a perfect city if you are willing to experience the blend of various cultures. Whether you want to spend at the spacious green parks or you want to enjoy the nightlife, you can do it all in New York. New York has the best nightlife, and it does complete justice to the title given to it “the city that never sleeps”.

About Airport in New York –

If you catch flights for Hong Kong, passengers need to board their flight for John F Kennedy International airport. The number of runways at this airport is four. This airport is in Queens, New York City. Before an individual reaches this airport, they must have some information about it. Here’s some information which can help the flyers-

Address of New York airport-

New York John F Kennedy International Airport

Queens NY 11430, United States

Contact details-

John F. Kennedy International- (718) 244-4444

Newark Liberty International- (973) 961-6000

About Hong Kong-

Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful and visited destinations in the world. So many people every year catch Flights From New York to Hong Kong. It opens the gateway for fun and enjoyment. This place is rich in culture and history, and there is no space for boredom when you are in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a place for all. one can plan a trip with their family or friends. If you love shopping, then get ready to buy from high-end brand shops. Another thing Hong Kong is known for is its food, especially the dim sums.

About Hong Kong airport-

The Establishment of this airport on the land of established on the ground of Chek Lap Kok gave it another name: “Chek Lap Kok International Airport”. This airport started serving people 22 years ago on 6th July 1998. Talking about the hubs of this airport, they are Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Express and Hong Kong airlines. This airport is the 8th busiest airport globally, and it serves over 180 cities in the world.

Address of the airport-

No. 1 sky plaza road, Lantau island, islands district, New Territories, Hong Kong

Contact information-



Tips to make bookings for Flights From New York to Hong Kong at the most affordable prices-

  • Use the deals and other vouchers that different airlines present for their flyers. These deals and packages make the cost of reservations much more economical and cheaper.
  • For this route, it is best to book at least 65 days before your departure date. Advance bookings help to keep the tri under budget.
  • Make comparisons between various airlines and find out the most affordable option and then make the bookings.
  • As each destination has the cheapest time for travelling, so do not hurry and make the bookings at any hour. Make the bookings at the most reasonable time.
  • If you are thinking to book flights from New York to Hong Kong, keep the dates flexible and not stick to a single date.

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